Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Guys can be a best friends???

yuuhuu..i'm coming to give you all some interesting tips for today...i'm so happy today and i want to share with u all..back to the entry's tittle..is it true a guy can be a best friend to girl?? yezza my dear..they can me as our best friends...

A few REASON to have a GUY best friends...

1. Guys don't start rumors for no apperant reason

2. They won't tell anyone your secrets

3. They don't PMS and randomly act super rude

4. They don't try to steal the guy you LIKE..

5. They aren't two faced

6. They stick up for you no matter what

7. They'll give you their sweatshirt when your cold

8. They'll carry you when you get hurt

9. And they might even fall in love with you..

the last part is very dangerous..beware my friends..

p/s : rase macam plik je speaking arinih...wakkakkka... 

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